Melange Yarn

In the textile industry, there are many fabrics that are known as cotton fabrics. However, in reality, they only have a few percent of cotton yarns. Melange yarn and off-color yarn are among those are currently used vastly in the clothing industry. In order to have a high quality melange yarn, the fibers must be mixed accurately and properly in the beginning of the spinning process.
The new gain of offcolor yarn is that it can be extensively tested on a large number of bobbins of melange yarns. The bobbins which were made by one of the customers have the same color, but shades. For example, the black parts of the melange yarn differed slightly from black to light gray. New technology is very helpful to improve the quality of the malange yarns and dyed yarns.
Melange fabric is made from a colored cotton yarns. In fact, the melange is the term uses for changes of the colors of the yarns of fabric not the texture itself. Melange fabrics are made from combination of natural (cotton) and synthetic fibers that are sometimes dyed individually and then woven; given to the fact that the synthetic fibers are denser and take on less color. However, in some cases both fibers woven first and dyed. Due to the difference dyeability of the synthetic and natural fibers, they form bicolor fabrics that is called melange.
Some people believe that melange fabrics have high prices, but this is not the case. The main reason for the popularity of this fabric is the low price of melange fabric compare to its expected price.
Melange fabrics are commonly known as its gray color, with varying shades. Melange fabric is not just a cloth, it is a colored fabric that does not have a smooth and homogenous color. It is also possible to use other colored yarns to give stripping appearance to the texture of a cloth.
The melange fabric is one of the important fabric used in the textile industry.
The melange cloths are used for warm and sports wears, t-shirts, sweaters, home-dresses and Pajamas. Tricot-melange fabrics are also used to make clothes for variety ages range from childhood to elderhood.
Melange cloth is available as one-sided, double-sided, and as doris The presence of some polyester fibers in the fabric also brings the brightness and clarity of the color used in the fabric, which is attractive for women. Selection of fabric color is a very professional task. Selecting colors like white, black, hazelnut, charcoal, and navy blue for the fabrics in fall and winter seasons is considered as a low-risk fabrics choice. Dark colors in the winter have a lot of fans.
Many countries produce melange yarns including India, China, Uzbekistan and Iran, among which Iran and Uzbekistan have the first and second rank repsectively.

Melange Yarn

International Standards

All types of melange yarn are produced under the highest global standards, using the best quality raw materials. Raw materials have gone through testing of the quality in the well-equipped laboratories. The quality control of the final products, optimization of production process, and transportation as well as packing processes have been in accordance with global standards to increase efficiency, waste reduction, and ultimately manufacturing of a product which is compatible to the needs of the target market.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

The latest technology and modern machinery from the well-known and the best international companies to set up advanced lines of the melange yarn production. Mechanized machines with the least human intervention in the production lines has minimized human error and has produced less waste in the production lines.

Diversification Of Production and Customization

Melange yarns have been produced with different characteristics to support the different market needs, different usage in the various industries. The possibility of production for customized melange yarns based on the specific needs of customers and business partners is also available.

Competitive Prices Compare To Our Rivals

Melange yarn prices vary according to different criteria, such as the type and quality of raw material used in the production of yarn, or the volume of the order and the type of order. The specific characteristics of melange yarn are directly influenced by the customer’s demand. However, considering the global competitors of this industry, keeping prices competitive while the high-quality of the yarns are retained is one of the main advantages in this market.

Needs Assessment And Manufacturing Of New Products

Having a research and development department in order to take advantage of the recent knowledge of the melange yarn production in one hand, and the needs assessment for global markets to produce melange yarn according to the customers’ attitude and the demands of the business partners for the final products on the other hands, direct us toward the sustainable and continuous development of production lines to get more shares of the target market.

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