All About Rasan Riss

Rasan Riss Spinning Company was launched with private sector investment in 2011 in Iran. This company is the producer of the highest quality cotton and synthetic yarns from the highest grade fibers of the world. Various types of yarns are produced regarding the growing demand of the top most customers and weavers of the country with the aim of satisfaction.

Mahmoud Ghanean

The founder of Rasan Riss Yazd Spinning Company

Mahmoud Ghanan, whose father and his grandfather were among the most expert handmade weavers of the country, along with his brother has played a major role in establishing and operating the Ghanean Knitting Company in 1979. The factory, which was established in 1990, since the beginning was one the most important factories in tailoring and weaving in the province of Yazd. In 1991 the started weaving of cloth robes with the quality similar to foreign ones. With the great efforts of Mahmoud Ghaenan, the company established new lines of production for chanel yarns, yarn dyeing and textile finishing over years.

History of Rasan Riss Yazd Company

Mahmood Ghanean, successfully established Rasan Riss Yazd Spinnig Company at the Valiasr Industrial Town of Zarch in the province of Yazd in 2011. After purchasing initial required machineries, he increased the daily production capacity of the factory to a maximum of two and a half tons of cotton and Synthetic yarns. Due to lack of significant financial resources for the establishing manufacturing lines, the early years of the 2010s were difficult for him. however, he modernized all production lines with new spinning machines in 2015. By the installation of cutting-edge spinning machineries, the maximum daily production capacity increased to seven tons in 2015. He is now planning to Increasing the production capacity and quality of all types of cotton and synthetic fibers in the coming years. In order to achieve this important goal, his children Fatemeh and Mohammad Hossein Ghanean are accompanying him in creation of new management arena. Mahmoud Ghanan is truly one of the greatest Iranian entrepreneurs.

Rasan Riss Unique and progressive Experience


Rasan Riss Yazd Spinning Company is a leading manufacturer of all types of natural and synthetic yarns. It is among the top textile manufacturers of Iran and the Middle East in the spinning industry due to the presence of experienced engineers and experts, and relying on the long-term experience of senior executives, as well as equipping its factories with the best and most modern manufacturing machineries of the world. Rasan Riss Spinning Company tries to develop and optimize production systems and processes with an accurate and efficient management, and working closely with successful domestic and foreign companies in the textile industry. Moreover, it tries to use new technology and innovation in spinning as well as continuous training of its personnel to increase the quality of manufactured products for better coordination with the market needs as well as massive production with global standards, to provide more satisfaction of its customers and partners.

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The most professional mechanism of production, supply and products sales in the spinning industry


Unique business relationships during the last half century of unique business activity

The most professional mechanism of production, supply and products sales in the spinning industry


Unique business relationships during the last half century of unique business activity


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