Frequently Asked Questions

If you did not find the answer of your question, please contact us.

You can find here some of the most commonly asked questions about buying products and how to collaborate with Rasan Riss. The questions are answered generally to be just a guidance for the arising questions before ordering and purchasing any product from Rasan Riss.
Rasan Riss will try to answer all your questions with the help of the experts in the field of producing and supplying yarn and its derivatives. If your questions are not available among the asked questions, please do not hastate to contact our experts through the communication channels provided on contact page. The Rasan Riss team will be trying to answer all your inquiries as quickly as possible and to assist you in the best possible way to deliver your needed products.

How to contact Sales Office?

You can contact our experts through the various communication channels on our contact page.

Does Rasan Riss provide advices for buying of its products?

Yes, Rassan Riss team will advise its customers on how to buy and order the products for free.

How could I know the price of the Rasan Riss’ products?

Product prices vary by volume. To get the best price quote, please contact our sales experts.

How Could I place an order on Rasan Riss?

The purchase method depends on the type of request, country, cooperation, and similar factors. For more information on how to buy products, contact our office to provide the best solution for you.

Which countries can you send your products to?

Due to the cooperation with all international shipping companies, Rasan Riss will be able to send your orders to all destinations around the world.

How long does it take to ship my order?

The shiping time is extremely dependent on the inventory and the country the order. In order to get the more accurate time of delivery please contact our experts.

Do you accept ordering specific product?

Yes, Rasan Riss is ready to manufacture diverse types of yarns according to the customer’s requirements in terms of type of material, color, thickness and other important parameters.

What is quality of the raw materials used by Rasan Riss for yarns production?

We use the best raw materials in the world with the highest quality to produce our products.

Is it possible to change or cancel an order?

Rasan Riss directly collaborate with the first-hand suppliers of raw materials and other suppliers related to the ordered products. While your order has not gone through the process of production or supply, you can change or cancel the order.

Is there a possibility to return purchased products?

Rasan Riss guarantees the quality of its products. Our expert quality control team have reduced the likelihood of occurrence of damaged or low-quality products close to zero. Nevertheless, in the event of possible product breakdowns as a result of failure during the production process, the damaged products will be compensated either as refund of money or order replacement.